the first post.

I don’t know what this blog is going to be, so I have no idea how to write a first post. I do know that it is time to write more, even if there are no readers, and that I stumbled across a potential blog name while reading Borges that was unclaimed, and that January is a fine time to begin things. I haven’t written online since the olden days of the post-Y2K era, when the word ‘blog’ was hardly used and people spent time crafting testimonials for their Friendsters. Since then, the internet has undergone a thousand incarnations, all more horrifying than the last, and most of which has passed me by. Starting a blog in 2017 is suitably retro for me. There’s no particular niche where I seek to establish a reputation, the idea of ‘cultivating a personal brand’ makes me want to set fire to my computer. But I do want to start tossing words out into the void again.

I’ll probably write a lot about books; old books I stumble across in dusty library basements, and books I’m reading for my dissertation and for fun. I read a lot of stationery blogs, so I imagine I’ll yap on about the various notebooks, pencils, pens and folders I like. I spend much of my free time studying foreign languages, so there’ll be notes about that. Maybe I’ll share pictures of things that I make, or plants that I see, or interesting scenes from the places I go. I’m very left and spend a lot of time thinking about left politics, but I can’t imagine I’ll want to write a lot of hot takes on the outrages of the day in the left internet. I think that would require looking at Twitter, which I categorically refuse to do. I will post a lot about music, mainly classical, many of subgenres and sub-subgenres that could all be lumped in as “punk,” and all manner of other types of music. Will definitely be a lot of 90s nostalgia because we all long for our glory days. All this is to say, content will be obscure and random, but who cares, I’m not telling anyone about this blog for at least the next several months.

This non-post was written while listening to 90s Northwest sludge gods Karp: